What is Direct Primary Care 
Direct Primary Care is  a way to Improve Health Care services, cost, prices and quality transparency to put patients first. Puts physicians and patients in charge of healthcare decisions by removing insurance from the doctor-patient relationship. It is a relatively new approach to healthcare delivery in which primary care physicians significantly limit their practices to fewer patients in order to spend more time and care with each one, but will reestablish the old-fashioned partnership between patients and your doctor. Appointments are easier and more flexible. Extra time and services are offered for personalized, proactive care. The doctor has more time to listen to you, research your problems and contact the right specialists. Making high-quality primary care accessible for the uninsured and under-insured. Smaller patients panels will ensure your doctor will have plenty of time for patients. Our annual membership fee covers these practice enhancements, which are not covered by insurances. It is a timeless philosophy of quality over quantity. 

In order to better assist you, Memberships will be LIMITED. Once we reach our expected capacity, membership will be only available if a patient cancels or reach age service limit at 21 year of age.

.     One Annual well child checkup and screenings.

.     Three (3) sick appointments per month, totaling (36) per year, if not used in one month will carry over to the next month.
·     More access and quality time with your personal physician.

.     Direct access within business hours by text or email to our physician on duty, reducing the need for in person appointments, only if necessary or required.
·     Appointments availability, Often immediate, same-day or within next 48 hours. 

.     Discounted outsourced contracted services as Laboratory and Radiology services for those uninsured patients.

.     If your child requires a medication or prescription, usually will be covered by insurance, and those uninsured can use GoodRx card or apps for discounts.

.     If your child requires an specialist referral, unfortunately we can NOT submit a referral on your behalf, that can only be done by your PCP.

       All information and medical recommendations will be given to you and submitted if requested to your PCP, so your PCP can quickly process the REFERRAL. 


Do I still need a Health Insurance for my child? YES, its highly recommended.

Your membership is not an insurance, will cover only primary care services provided by our practictioners that will cost more if you are uninsured or even if you have insurance. Also, outsourced services will not be covered such as lab test, radiology, medications or required specialist physicians for more severe medical conditions. Also, insured patients will need their PCP to submit specialist referrals on their behalf. We are your direct primary medical, not a Hospital, Urgent Care or a Specialty Practitioner. We will save you time and money for minor illnesses and preventive medicine that even with an insurance could result more expensive and time consuming. 
Tests & Screening
The best illness is one that is prevented and closely monitored. Let's identify issues before they become painful, expensive problems for you and your family. Included in your membership is an Annual Baseline plan which is built from your comprehensive physical.
You will have direct access to a physician on duty within business hours. Call, WhatsApp Business text (817-791-7059) or email us. We are available to answer your questions or bring you into our office to better assist you. Expect same or next business day appointments. 

-email: info@lcgpediatrics.com

-Phone: 817-471-2171

-WhatsApp Business: 817-791-7059

-Our website : www.lovingcarepediatrics.comunder the Contact Us Section.

-Facebook: @lovingcarepediatrics

New patients may come check our facility and services we provide. We want you to have every confidence that our practice and this membership suit your needs. We aim to provide transparency and clarity in healthcare. New patients will transfer medical records to our office.


Membership plans can be pay only quarterly or annually for services.  Patients paying full annual membership will have one discounted free month. Since, we will have LIMITED Memberships to better assist you, and if your membership has been cancelled, pause or unpaid can not be resume or renewed in the future. Those patients can continue receiving medical services, but under the Cash Prices schedule of fees. 

Payments can be made by:

Zelle: email: lcgpediatrics2@gmail.com 

Paypal: email: lcgpediatrics@gmail.com ; Phone: 817-791-7059.

Cash and Credit Card: in person at the office accounting desk on Suite 102.
Monthly membership fees:

-$55 per child.
This is a practice enhancement fee for access and not for any services covered by your insurance. We will not billed your insurance.

A recent interview posted on Huff Post to a Pediatrician: ​
“I love working with children and I knew I were truly helping children and their families and making a difference, but not anymore,” the doctor said.

We love to get back to love what we do, take care of children and make a difference!!!

If you believe you can make a difference, then you will make a difference.
Believe in yourself, your family and your community and you will win.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Lindsay Fox

Direct Primary Care Services