Minor illnesses$ 135
Allergies, Coughs & bronchitis 
Ear infections & earaches
Flu-like symptoms
Heartburn & indigestion
Mouth & oral conditions
Mouth & oral pain
Nausea, vomiting & diarrhea
Pink eye & stye
Sinus infections & congestion
Sore & strep throats
Upper respiratory infections
Urinary tract & bladder infections

Minor injuries$135
Bug bites & stings
Minor burns
Minor cuts, blisters & wounds
Splinter removal
Sprains, strains & joint pain
Suture & staple removal
Tick bites

Asthma and Allergies Services

Asthma treatment and monitoring $135

Allergies consultation initial encounter $135

Skin Conditions$135
Athlete's foot
Cold, canker & mouth sores
Hair loss
Minor psoriasis
Poison ivy & poison oak
Rash, skin irritation & dermatitis
Swimmer's itch
Wellness & physicals
Annual physicals*$135
Daycare-Camp physicals**$65
Sports physicals**$65...Additional fees if EKG is required

Epinephrine injection pen refills$65
Vaccinations & injections
Flu Vaccines $35
Post In House vaccination side effects$135

Travel Health Clearance Exam 
Motion sickness prevention$105
Pre-travel consultation$105

Women's services
Birth control care$65
Urinary tract & bladder infections$135
**Plus outside additional laboratory fees if required.

Send-out labs & tests 

Chlamydia test (follow-up)
Urine culture

Outside Services 

Outside Laboratory Services 
*Loving Care Pediatrics will collect upfront in our office prior to provide the order.

*We will contact you with results once received.

*Our office uses Quest Diagnostics for outside orders

​Outside Radiology Services 

*Services will be paid directly at Envision Radiology Center with already discounted prices for our patients.
*We will contact you with results once received.
*Our office uses Envision Radiology Centers for outside orders

These tests are performed by an outside lab, but they the order will be issue and payments collected in house prior the services.You wont be resposible for any fees received for an outside lab if order was issued by our office. We have contracted discount pricing for our patients, but if you receive a bill contact Our Office at 817-471-2171.

*Loving Care Pediatrics does not accept checks.

Cash Prices.